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Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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32 Bewertungen
IcarasX ,

The new Sasha: Focused, refined, cinematic, and awe inspiring

This album is a simply stunning, provocatively melodic, minimalist in design, and tightly streamlined with a running time of only an hour and 15 minutes in the continuous mix. I used to think Sasha had a somewhat of a tendency to linger on sections for a bit too long, and especially in ambient tracks where it's easy to get lost in prolonged tracks, but he wastes no time here in this mix getting his cues communicated across to the listener and he effortlessly entices and delights with enough progressive technique and interesting sound design that keeps your ears perked up every few bars. It's perfectly paced and adequately timed.

Take his previous continuous ambient mix of his EmFire studio album and polish it in every way, with solid direction, and with a stronger cinematic feel. At around the 30 minute mark, the mix turns into an almost Vangelis soundscape. It's beautiful and perfection.

I can't wait to hear more works like this from Sasha in the future. A radically fresh diversion from his usual club dance music that succeeds on so many levels.

junfangungfu ,


This album sounds like a fine meal tastes or how it feels to view a very fine work of art. How it feels to put on a beautifully crafted bespoke suit. Like Sasha’s more typical electronica excursions, the music here is beautifully conceived and masterfully executed, infused with a sensibility that can be developed only over decades of performing and composing music at a consistently high level of skill and relevance. It is thoughtfully textured so as to always seek an emotional connection with the listener and, in the best radiation’s of electronica, it reflects a deep love of music and technology — indeed, most fundamentally, of sound.

cbnj23 ,

Back again!

It's Sasha, enough said. Download and play on repeat til you drop.

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