16 Songs, 1 Hour 3 Minutes


About Denis Raisin-Dadre & Ensemble Doulce Mémoire

Denis Raisin Dadre (whose name is sometimes given as Denis Raisin-Dadre) is a French flutist specializing in Renaissance music. He attended conservatories in Lyon, Geneva, and Paris, gaining his bachelor's degree in musicology and a performer's certificate in flute, and worked as an orchestral flutist. He also joined the flute trio I Dilletanti and in 1990 founded the Renaissance "broken consort" of voices and instruments called Ensemble Doulce Mémoire (Sweet Memory Ensemble). In his work with that group he directs innovative, fresco-like stage events that attempt to portray a given sort of music of the Renaissance in the context in which it would have been found during its time.

The results include a Renaissance cabaret, stagings of stories, and a royal Requiem service. With Ensemble Doulce Mémoire Dadre has won prestigious recording awards, including the Gran Prix de l'académie Charles Cros, the Choc de la Musique, the Diapason d'or, and the ffff Télérama. He teaches ancient music at the National Regional Conservatory of Tours and bases Ensemble Doulce Mémoire there. His later recorded efforts include Morales' Office des Ténèbres du Monde (2002), du Caurroy's Les Meslanges (2005), and Laudes (2009).