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They've decoded the key to a great album

Harrison Bade,

With a line up including ex-members of Oceana and Of Machines, Decoder had a lineup destined for greatness. Their self-title lived up to, if not surpassed the expectations set for them from the beginning. Incorporating a dynamic sonic spectrum, Decoder sets itself apart from the Rise crowd by playing music unidentifiable with any other band. You can tell from the opening track, "Dreamwalker" that this album is going to be a new face in the crowd. With soft guitars transcending under the drums and bass, the track seamlessly sets up the overall tone of the album. The pace does pick up with Transcendence and Conflicts, with the drums invoking energy and the guitars riffing through Spencer's singing and roaring with Keith's vocals. The combination of Spencer's delicate but demanding vocals with Keith's distraught screams work perfectly off of each other. It really highlights the feels of songs such as "The Giver" and "The Taker" which highlight the album with a intensity from all areas of the band. The album is produced fairly well and really draws the listener to the fine details such as the underlying vocal tracks and Spencer's piano interludes. The album can seem a tad monotonous at times, but the beauty lies within the story that Decoder creates with all the songs in unison. I commend Decoder for releasing a powerful first release. The Self Titled highlights how much this band has worked with their sound and that they're willing to stand out of the crowd for what they love.

What a great way to start the year!

Bobby Royale,

This band completely caught me by surprise. The album itself completely transcends what post-hardcore is. It's beautiful in every way, just as much as it is dark. This is a must by! Listen and enjoy.

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