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297 Ratings
RocknRollheart ,

Something Corporate= Something Amazing

Andrew McMahon and Company are pure genius. This CD is a must buy.
I want to save you (7/10)= Good, up beat song. Love the "She wants to hear she's beautiful...she's beautiful"
Punk Rock Princess (8/10)= I adore this song that alot of people can relate to..."You can tell me how you just don't fit in, and how you're gonna be something.." The piano and guitar mix beautifully.
I woke up in a Car (4/10)= Personally not a fan, but it's a song about growing up, moving away from home, and seeing everything that's new.
If You C Jordan= (8/10)= Every angry teen needs an angry anthem. I guess it worked, every SoCo concert this Jordan guy is cussed out by hundreds of fans.
The Astronaut (5/10)= Catchy, a little shallow lyrically. Obviously a reference of what Andrew does on his spare time.
Hurricane (10/10)= I word. Brilliant. My favorite on the album, every word is amazing. The famous words--"Come on sweet Catastrophe" If you don't get the album, buy this one on it's own.
Cavanaugh Park (6/10)= Slower, beautiful piano.
Fall (7/10)= Good. Loud, powerful.
Straw Dog (8/10)= Great teen song. "Hey now, they're callin' all the police- but they won't get to us anyhow"
Good News (5/10)= Not a fan, but it's still a decent song. For the optimists
Drunk Girl (9/10)= I love love love this song. Buy it.
Not what it seems (7/10)= And these nights...I seem to remember a home that was better. The violin and piano are beautiful.
You're gone (7/10)= A good/okay sort of song. Double Negatives are fuuuuun.
Globes and Maps (9/10)= I actually love this song. It's so soft and beautiful. It's Andrew's voice at it's best. Especially at the beginning. Starts soft and builds up slowly...then goes into a powerful angst which Andrew does SO perfectly--you can sense the pain in his voice. The end is magic, ending with a high pitched "door" followed by a short, soft, high piano solo and the finally is a soft and powerful repeat of the chorus.

Thunder McMahon ,

Best Album From Start To Finish...Ever

Something Corporate's "Leaving Through The Window" is the best album ever released. I purchased this album in late 2002 after seeing them live and instantly fell in love. This CD is in constant rotation and has been since that late 2002 date of purchase. There's something that everyone can and will enjoy listening to here. Andrew McMahon alongside William, Josh, Brian, and Clutch will have fans of all types of music rocking out to this incredibly beautiful sounding record. These guys can one minute have you jumping around like a mad man and the very next minute have you serenading over the girl next door. There's not a single song to skip on LTTW, its just that good...

1. "I Want To Save You" - The perfect album opener. Andrew is so crafty with his lyrics and over time this song quite possibly could jump into the top 3 favorite songs of the album.

2. "Punk Rock Princess" - Great rocker song. Lots of energy and a song that will give you lines to use when picking up girls. A fun listen.

3. "I Woke Up In A Car" - The first SoCo song I heard. Amazing lyrics such as "I've never been so lost, I've never felt so much at home". Something everyone can listen to.

4. "IF yoU C Jordan" - The song everyone has heard from them. Lots of energy. Lots of passion. The thing that makes this song so great is the ending minute or so where the last chorus begins. This, in my opinion is my second or third least favorite on the album, however,

5. "The Astronaut" - Pure genius. This song is probably my second favorite on the album as well as the best ballad. This song is perfect in every way imagineable.

6. "Hurricane" - My favorite SoCo song. Evrything from the lyrics, to the guitars, all the way to that spine tingling piano solo is captivating.

7. "Cavanaugh Park" - Another amazig song. Another perfect song.

8. "Fall" - So much fun is in here. "I thought it made more sense if I could only keep you guessing. I was a fool to think that I should stop you from undressing" is SoCo at their finest. This song will have you screaming at the top of your lungs. Quite possibly the best break up song ever.

9. "Straw Dog" - A fun song with an interesting meaning. Again, great lyrics..."what does it take to be a superhero in my world? Make no mistake that these villians always get the girl."

10. "Good News" - This song has grown on me so much just recently. Great lyrics. Great energy. Just great.

11. "Drunk Girl" - A fan favorite about none other than...yep, a drunk girl. Can't go wrong here.

12. "Not What It Seems" - My least favorite song on the album just because of the way it sounds. The beat and all that is not a good as the other tracks but the lyrics are still awesome. However, I must say that if there was one this would be the filler song.

13. "You're Gone" - Up there with "The Astronaut" and "Hurricane" as my three favorite. Outstanding writing here with lines such as "hours to be with you, minutes of me in you", "so tie my hands back and make me feel you coming down", and "i taper off and say its never worth the pain, but sometimes it is." Stunning.

14. "Globes And Maps" - A great piano song where Andrew puts all of his passion in his vocals. Like all of the others, the lyrics are exceptional and this is a song that you cannot skip. When you hear McMahon whine "and i write a letter from a one way train but i dont think youll read it at all" you will come back for more.

Go out and buy this CD NOW if you havent already. This is the best cd you will ever own. Also make sure to check them out live because they put on the best show ever. It also wouldnt hurt to listen to Andrew's other band "Jack's Mannequin". Go SoCo!

jmforlife ,


Who agrees with me?

About Something Corporate

Of the myriad young alt-rock bands to arise in the early 2000s, Something Corporate stood out with their piano-fueled songcraft and crossover potential. On one hand, the bandmembers were barely out of high school when Drive-Thru Records signed them, which helped Something Corporate connect with a large audience of West Coast teenage hipsters looking for a band to claim as their own. On the other hand, the band didn't play punk rock; they played polished, literate, radio-ready alt-rock -- a marketable sound that MCA recognized just before connecting with the band for a debut EP, Audioboxer. Released in late 2001, Audioboxer featured only six songs yet showcased the band's promise as it synthesized alt-rock guitar crunch with a bit of impassioned, emo-styled songwriting. It also didn't hurt that the band boasted a bona fide poster boy in songwriter/pianist/vocalist Andrew McMahon, a blossoming talent who would later launch his own act, Jack's Mannequin.

Before the Orange County band became Something Corporate, McMahon, drummer Brian Ireland, and bassist Clutch played in a different ground that they'd formed for a high-school "battle of the bands" competition. Although they won the battle, the band didn't last very long. McMahon then met guitarist Josh Partington at a high-school party; with a renewed sense of enthusiasm, the teens started jamming together as Something Corporate. They soon added guitarist William Tell and began playing local clubs, which eventually lead to one-off gigs opening for bands like Sugar Ray and Better Than Ezra.

Drive-Thru noticed the buzz and came knocking. Even though the label was known primarily as a youth punk label -- and Something Corporate were far from that -- the partnership made sense; Drive-Thru recognized the band's potential as a crossover act and Something Corporate recognized the label's reputation as a respected indie. MCA then came into the picture primarily as a distributor, though the major label did use its clout to market the band. Their summer-tinged debut album, Leaving Through the Window, shared both label's logos and appeared in spring 2002. Subsequent touring followed before the group's somewhat darker sophomore effort, North, was issued in October 2003.

Guitarist William Tell amicably left the group in early 2004 to work on solo material, shortly before Something Corporate headed out on a nationwide co-headlining tour with Yellowcard. Bob Anderson (formerly of River City High) replaced Tell on the tour, allowing the band to replicate many of the album's vocal harmonies in a live setting. A concert DVD entitled Live at the Ventura Theater was released in November 2004, featuring the band's revised lineup.

A hiatus followed, during which McMahon returned to California and launched his solo project, Jack's Mannequin. The first Mannequin record came out in mid-2005, but a supporting tour was canceled after McMahon was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in June. He went through treatment; by the year's end, he had recovered from a successful bone marrow transplant from his sister. McMahon then turned his full attention to the Jack's Mannequin project, whose debut album, Everything in Transit, had broken into the Billboard Top 40. Another Jack's Mannequin album arrived in 2008, leaving Something Corporate's future undecided, although the band did return in 2010 with a brief reunion tour. ~ Jason Birchmeier

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