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Never have, and never will understand why this culture idolizes Beyoncè.

If you do, chances are you only do because everyone else does...if you really pay attention to her lyrics, behavior, and image, it's nothing worth praising. As a mixed young woman, I'm not empowered by her at all.

All she writes about is this: you have to act sexual, egoistic, and rich in order to be successful. Nothing that's gonna make people genuinely better, so why then do we say she's empowering?

All I'm saying is that you don't have to be obsessed with Beyoncè just because everyone else is. As a generation, we can pick better role models for young girls. Rise above the normal.

Just a thought^



Yet again I am not surprised Bey had outdid herself again. Beyoncé self-titled was phenomenal and you'd think "what possibly could she do better?" and she does it! She just opened another closet for all the wigs snatched! I love you Bey! 🍋🍋 Lemonde is my mood for 2016!

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