10 Songs, 39 Minutes


About Oaks

Originally a multi-faceted rock duo from Orlando, FL, the Oaks would eventually expand their ranks to become a six-piece, and would begin taking their music and their message to a national audience. The founding members, Ryan Costello and Matthew Antolick, were students at the University of South Florida when they met, and started a musical project there, called Figure vs. Ground. In 2003, Costello -- for all intents and purposes -- put that project on indefinite hold when he joined up with an humanitarian organization devoted to teaching refugees in Afghanistan usable agricultural methods -- an experience that would heavily feature in the Oaks (eventual) music. Upon his return in 2005, Costello reunited with Antolick, this time as the Oaks. In 2006, they released their debut independent album, Our Fathers and the Things They Left Behind. That same year, the two multi-instrumentalists decided to expand the Oaks, to add more muscle to their sound as well as explore new territory musically. New members Tim Cocking (keyboards), Melissa Reyes (vocals), Jeremy Siegel (bass), and Greg Wilson (lead guitar) convened in 2007 to work on the next Oaks full-length, Songs for Waiting, which was released in March of 2008. The album release was then followed with a national summer tour. ~ Chris True