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4.5 out of 5

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Elegance, serenity and based packed into a rare masterpiece


I cried on my first and second playthorugh. The underlying beauty behind this rare collectable is second to none. The craftsmanship, the emotion and the overall production is something short of a musicle nirvana. I laugh when the clueless world says Lil B competes with rappers such as Lil Wayne, or Drake, no, the truth is BasedGod's work rival that of legendary musicians such as Mozart and Beethoven. The only drawback to this legendary and groundbreaking album is I couldnt hear the BasedGods voice, but that doesnt matter as much because not hearing his voice was substituted with feeling his emotions in this symphony of bliss. Thank you BasedGod, you are single handedly saving the music industry and more importantly the human race. :')

Lil B classical album? First Basedworld Records official release? this is rare!!!!!


purchase this album to support lil b. protect the basedgod. always stay positive and accept this historical music because it is human progression. i am very proud of you lil b. remain based

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