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Outstanding. Transformational


I just got through with my quiet time, and boy let me tell you. I was just ushered into the presence of angels whilst listening to this album. Some people will say "Well, why were you listening to music during your quiet time?". Well you know what? Shut up, because thats how i do it and it helps me. AJ's voice croons and swoons it's way in and out of my head like a rabid dolphin searching for sustenance. The dolphin nibbles on my ear for a second and then realizes it's not food. This album could make even the most devout of Roman Catholicism begin to wonder why there aren't many awesome Catholic rock bands. It's because you have to be quiet in mass. If you don't have this record, it doesn't mean you don't have integrity, but it does mean you don't know the songs. I love 3DL and fall asleep in their t-shirt. (which i wash regularly because sometimes i have accidents)

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