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10 Ratings

At last! (The secret behind CAKE's early hits was this psychedelic rock power trio)


These guys are better known to you than you may realize. If you heard any of CAKE's major hits, their first four hit albums featured this power trio behind the lead singer, and the results were infectious. The three behind this group have been playing together on material similar to this since the late 80's in the form of various Sacramento bands such as Saturday's Child and 23, when they joined CAKE the group elevated almost instantly to their world renowned status.

When guys have been playing together since high school, they tend to get good and to get tight, and that does not begin to describe the greatness of this music. Not too many bands make records like this anymore.

Their first album got rave pre-release coverage in Rolling Stone, then the record company they had signed with went under so this was a lost treasure for some time, but now Deathray is back, baby! And look out they are going to rock your socks off and groove your psychedelic soul. Get ready for a blast from the past and the future mixed together... beyond words, beyond categorization, finally released from the corporate forbidden zone and on the loose, they are DEATHRAY! Miss them and you miss the heart of your own era.



Innovative sound, fantastic musicianship, cool voice and lyrics, tasty guitar and drums. Terribley underated.... This band should be at the top of the heap!

About Deathray

The Sacramento-based modern rock quintet Deathray consists of vocalist/keyboardist Dana Gumbiner, guitarist/vocalist Greg Brown, keyboardist Max Hart, bassist Victor Daimani, and drummer James Neil. Formerly a member of Cake, Brown had previously played with longtime friend Gumbiner in several bands before reuniting with him in 1998. Neil joined just before the group was set to record their debut album; just after it was completed, Hart was added to the lineup. Deathray was released in spring 2000 by Capricorn Records. ~ Heather Phares




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