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9 Ratings



David teased this for years! It's great to finally hear it!

A Bowie demo that’s single-worthy


David’s demo for Let’s Dance sounds better, and is more polished, than finished singles by most artists. I hope we can look forward to more Bowie from the vaults.

Awesome rendition!


“Let’s Dance” was David Bowie’s biggest commercial success and it’s completely addictive thanks to Nike Rogers’ funky groove! You cannot play it only once! This is a wonderful memento, a stripped down ‘demo’ version of the song made during early recording sessions for the album. Very refreshing interpretation compared to the final version which became so well-known. Bowie’s voice is incomparable. And this version is released on DB’s birthday too! Thanks for the treat, guys!!

About David Bowie

Everyone has a David Bowie that they fell in love with first—the otherworldly outsider Ziggy Stardust, the electronic adventurer, the wild-eyed glam pioneer, the enigmatic storyteller. But it was Bowie's ability to reinvent himself so vividly that captivated us again and again. Driven by boundless imagination, David Bowie was a multifaceted music icon, a social provocateur, a force in fashion, and a gifted actor whose unique personas and perspectives traveled with him through the decades. From the moment his homesick astronaut captured the spotlight in the late ‘60s to his exploratory, jazz-influenced Blackstar almost 50 years later, he excelled and innovated with turns in pop, glam, punk, soul, hard rock, and electronic music. And even though Bowie released vital albums throughout his life—and will forever embody the most artful edge of rock ’n’ roll—he was more than just the music he made. Bowie's fearlessness inspired us to celebrate the complexity and beauty of being completely ourselves.

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    January 8, 1947