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4.7 out of 5
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9 Ratings
Bertram Wooster

An admirer from the East Coast

It’s a beaut. Lush, seductive, funky and flavored with hints of country, it’s an album that sounds at once popular and professional and intimately the artist's own. The orchestration, musicianship, and recording are all expert (to my ears anyway), and it’s a delight to listen to late in the evening, when it sort of beckons you dreamily into the night. Susannah Blinkoff is in very strong voice!

I’m already a fan of "My Time Now," "Be All Right," and "Live On," but "The Storm is Passing" took me to the point of tears. It’s lovely in the way that "Hallelujah" is lovely. Just the thing for us all to listen to and hold as a hymn as this dreadful Administration and its horrid works pass into historic ignominy, and we hope and pray for someone and something much, much better that might just be coming over the horizon.


Great album. Great range. Why is she not a bigger deal?

The stodgy and corporate record industry may be dying (and has apparently lost the will to find exciting new talent and take creative risks) but great music keeps getting written and recorded anyway.

Blinkoff's songwriting is so strong and varied in its scope it's hard to believe she's still largely unknown. On the one hand she displays a sure and talented hand writing and perfoming catchy pop songs with a great groove--"I Got Lucky," "My Time Now" and "So Amazed." On the other she's folky without the self-involved, breathy, poor-me rubbish one has to tune out on NPR's "Morning Becomes Eclectic." I may sound old fashioned but Mel Torme's rules still apply--a really good song needs either a great tune or great lyric. A great song needs both. Many of the tracks on this album are very good. And yes, some are even great. We should look forward to hearing more from this talented singer/songwriter.



susannah blinkoff rocks! i love the song My Time Now. she's one of my idols... she is such an amazing singer. her first album Happy Today is also such a great work of art

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