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Very Catchy!


This album was quite a surprise since this was my first time hearing Susannah's music. After just one listen, I found myself humming the songs and her vocals are feminine without being whiny and what I consider to be too etheral. The cover of "Vienna" was a pleasant surprise as i adore the original. Great cover! Her sound is radio-friendly while giving you a slight hint of something you haven't heard before. Great little find and I definitely recommend it!

An admirer from the East Coast

Bertram Wooster,

It’s a beaut. Lush, seductive, funky and flavored with hints of country, it’s an album that sounds at once popular and professional and intimately the artist's own. The orchestration, musicianship, and recording are all expert (to my ears anyway), and it’s a delight to listen to late in the evening, when it sort of beckons you dreamily into the night. Susannah Blinkoff is in very strong voice! I’m already a fan of "My Time Now," "Be All Right," and "Live On," but "The Storm is Passing" took me to the point of tears. It’s lovely in the way that "Hallelujah" is lovely. Just the thing for us all to listen to and hold as a hymn as this dreadful Administration and its horrid works pass into historic ignominy, and we hope and pray for someone and something much, much better that might just be coming over the horizon.

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