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6 Ratings


Final Apollo

The singer of this band is Claudio's cousin. They were very heavily influenced by CoCa, and that I believe resulted in their breakup. The singer (Claudio's cousin) was straying to far in the direction of a "epic saga" of albums, and the rest of the band did not want to go that way. I love Life Before This, from the very first time I saw them at the Waywayanda fire hall in 1999, until they broke up, and even still. Local 845 rep.



I don't know why no one seems to have bought this album. My best friend and I have been listening to it for over six months. They aren't the absolute best ever, but they are a terrific stand-by and are going places. I love this album!

Final Apollo


Lyrically, this band is fairly weak. Having lyrics about, pretty much nothing, and trying to sing the lyrics with vocal techniques that the singer(although he is an excellent one) can not do as well as he hopes he can. They are clearly influenced by Coheed & Cambria, my personal favorite band, and to hear the singer try to do the same things as Claudio does, its just not something anyone else can do. Stick to your guns man.

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