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Aqua Love Girl From Chicago

Aqua Love Smart Fun

All I have to say is W(`0`)W this itty bitty as I can see from her Instagram account! The strength ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ and hard work put into this lil BIG VOICE! What an AMAZING young girl and glad so glad to know that real singing, real lyrics with real words and not just repeated as if I’m listening to some hop scotch jump rope at recess music. This song is very relatable for me. As I feel see hear think and if I could eat or smell good music writing and quadruple threat for the sign of the times which is and can be robotic! In a world where everyone says Boss Leader don’t Follow go with your own be your own level up and blah blah blah! Production made with 100% by products infused these days. This here is an artist and not only this but someone we all should know! When you can feel and relate to anything in this world today! To me is a reflection of an independent empowering for all and mostly females! This is a beautiful good for you feel type of Artist! You hear her voice so strong! You hear her playing her guitar and lyrics written by her and only her. Years and years of hard work! I’ve learned so much through Kara Connolly! I’ve learned to let go, go with the flow, nothing & nobody is perfect and fear is only as big and strong as we allow it. Her favorite is that of the word F E A R False Evidence Appearing Real! Facing Fear is half the battle or more! FEAR has no idea your strength! Fear is and can be crippling! Especially, when you the back up is not in the same fame lane! That’s ok as well that’s a lot to go up against today! Leading in a world where FOLLOWING is the action but the words are BOSS! To go up against propaganda alone nothing but you and your talent and stand alone in the business field during a time where everything is and can be sketchy. I applaud and curtsy and welcome Gentlemen all over the world to tip your hats now to THIS ARTIST WHOM I KNOW GENUINELY SO REAL NOTHING HANDED JUST A LOT OF LOVE AND SUPPORT BACKING HER UP. KARA CONNOLLY WITH THREE WRITE UPS FROM THREE DIFFERENT MAGAZINES! REAL SEES REAL! I can’t wait for the rest of her music that I will for sure will be adding this Diamond in the rough in my library of music! I love all music and many many artists! Some are a one time fame then the production moved on so the hustle isn’t the same as it was when first started. Some have been around for awhile some are just a name I remember here and there. Miss Connolly is an artist that will be GLOBALLY KNOWN!! HER FOUNDATION IS UNBREAKABLE HER DREAM IS HER LIVING IN REAL LIFE FOR HER GIFT IS SHARED WITH ALL WHO TRULY LOVE AUTHENTICITY AND BEYOND!!! Thank you so much for staying on your dream to keep real music and more alive. Music is universal it’s life it’s air its soul! A very special gift you are blessed with. Thank you for not selling YOU short! True Blue is you to the moon and back! #lifeinrearview