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10 Ratings

Beautiful as always!


Thanks Brian! This album is wonderful.. Tender music, I really enjoy it...

Life is...by Brian Crain


Brian Crain's compositions continue to grow in beauty and grace. Each new piece on Life is... captures, better than words ever could, the emotions held within each precious life moment the album explores.

Brian Crain Has Done It Again!


Whether you're already a fan of Brian Crain's music or are just getting started on his music, this is a great album for you! Crain has something for every solo piano music lover on this album. "Little Blue Music Box" and "Lemon Drops" are bouncy, catchy tunes while "A Love Story" is slower but like Crain has done before in some of his other pieces (such as "Dream of Flying"), draws you into the music and helps you imagine the experience. And "Nella Fantasia: Gabriel's Oboe", although not originally composed by Crain himself, is simply breathtaking. Overall, an awesome album...one that you will NOT regret purchasing! You will find yourself listening to each piece more than once...the music is that good! :)

About Brian Crain

Brian Crain was a musically inclined child, but he was never formally educated in music, and yet has still found success as a pianist/composer. He was born in Hollywood, and although offered piano lessons, he preferred honing his baseball skills to practicing. He also built his own home studio while working on audio production for films as a teenager. Crain's dreams of being a professional ballplayer did not come to fruition, but in the meantime, he had managed to teach himself how to play piano as he picked out his own melodies. He released his first CD, Morning Light, in 1997, and met with enough success to make music his career. Crain has since made more than a dozen albums of his own music. The use of one of his piano pieces, Butterfly Waltz, in a South Korean drama has made him an artist better known in Asia than in his home country. He has a large fan base and toured there several times, as his music is used in more TV commercials and programming. Crain enjoys trying new ideas in his music, such as unusual meters and minimalist concepts used on his albums Piano Opus (2011) and Piano and Light (2009), to complement his flowing, attractive melodies. ~ Patsy Morita

Hollywood, CA
New Age



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