10 Songs, 32 Minutes


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5 Ratings

Fresh Worship Music


This is an incredible selection of original worship music in a variety of styles. Artistic, soulful, and inspirational. This album offers a creative and fresh musical banquet of worship.

Excellent Worship Album

Sam Johnson Jr.

This album has some of the greatest variety I have ever heard on a worship album. In my opinion, this is a great strength. Every song on this album has a different vibe/style to it. Even the singers change from song to song. To me, this keeps things fresh and is a real strength.

My favorite tracks on the album are:

"A Mighty Fortress" - Love the drums/rhythm section/handclaps on this track. The vocals are an excellent blend of pop/rock/soul. This song has a little bit of a"Stadium rock" Feel to it. And I mean that in the best sense. One of my favorite versions of this classic hymn that I've ever heard. I could listen to it over and over again. And have.

"This World is Not My Home" - This bluegrass tinged tune is a lot of fun to listen to. The music is upbeat and sweet. The vocals have a sincere authenticity to them.

"We Are One" - Absolutely love the brassy horn section on this track. I have heard this song many times before, but I've never heard it performed this way. It's awesome. Every time I hear this song I just want to tap my toe and sing along.

"Take My Life" - Okay, this is a track that is so smooth and fun to listen to that it almost feels wrong to have it on a worship and praise album. :-) This style of music is definitely lounge and not something I was expecting. I love it, and listen to it often. But as many times as I've heard it, still puts a smile on my face.

"Life of the Lilly" - Don't know who the singer is on this song, but he's kind of a dead ringer for James Taylor. Or maybe James has a kid brother? Either way, this is a smooth, quiet track that will put you in a reflective mood. My favorite part of this track is probably the mandolin. Perfect accompaniment to this song and it's message.

Their are plenty of other great songs on this album, but those are the standouts in my mind. What is clear, is that this is a carefully crafted album with superb musicians and performers giving fresh takes on worship songs both old and new. It's worth buying the whole album just to get a feel for all the different styles.

diversity of sound


Really enjoyed listening to this....the mix of different genres really spoke to me and lifted me up!