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Light Fantastic is an indie pop group that wraps tuneful melodies in reverb-steeped jangle. The band was formed in San Francisco by Terry Sowers, who was writing songs on his own while playing guitar in Farmer Dave Scher's group. He shared the songs with his musician friend Jeremy Bringetto (Vue, Tamaryn), and, with input from producer and Bringetto bandmate Rex Shelverton, they found a home for the tunes in a shoegaze and surf-influenced sound partly inspired by their Bay Area locale. With Sowers on lead vocals and guitar, Bringetto on bass, Kevin Adamson on guitar, Rachel Hoiem on keyboards, and Scott Goldberg on drums, they released an eponymous EP in 2013 on the Spiritual Pajamas label. With Jae Rodriguez replacing Adamson on guitar, their full-length debut, Out of View, arrived in 2016. ~ Marcy Donelson

    San Francisco, CA

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