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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.6 out of 5
7.9K Ratings

7.9K Ratings

aslkd ,

Great Collab Album

These two are great together. We know Em is great but this record finally gets people a change to hear Royce. Don't expect a Recovery type of album except for maybe the song Lighters but this is a true lyrical album that fans should embrace. Buy This!!!

sammyrenren ,

Bad Meets Evil - Hell: The Sequel

Collaborating for the first time since the late ‘90s, Eminem and Royce da 5’9” reunite after their infamous feud to uphold their promise and deliver to us, “Hell: The Sequel.” And I must say, what a phenomenal return this EP is. With classic hip-hop beats and lyrical masterpieces from both the artists, this project is a treasure for hip-hop purists. Nothing can seem to touch the chemistry between the two rappers as they continuously spit back and forth from intense moments, (Fast Lane) to comic moments, (A Kiss) to serious ones. (Lighters) Though this will not be as commercially successful as Eminems “Recovery,” the quality of music is just as good and arguably better. If you are a teenager who only knows Eminem for “Love the Way You Lie,” than buy the song “Lighters” and get out of here. But if you truly enjoy the quality of rap music, than I suggest the entire EP.

Welcome 2 Hell – 9/10 With a strong, Havoc produced beat, the intro to this anticipated EP comes out strong. Both Eminem and Royce’s flow are great and their chemistry is apparent right off the bat. A great opener.
Fast Lane – 9/10 The albums first single, this song goes hard. Royce shows off his classic flow and Eminem seems to go back to his “Eminem Show” type flow. Great first single to the EP.
The Reunion- 10/10 This song is a prime example of Eminems, “Marshall Mathers LP” flow and lyrics. The story telling from both rappers are phenomenal about if their actual character is the same as they portray in their lyrics. With a dark, gruesome beat and a catchy chorus, this is the EPs strongest point, but will definitely not be as popular or deserve as much respect as it should.
Above the Law – 9/10 Epic beat and lyrics, again both go so hard on the track. But the most notable quality about this track is the catchy chorus perfectly sampled.
I’m On Everything (feat. Mike Epps) – 9.5/10 This is the closest Eminem has come to Shady since the early 2000s. With a great sample from the comedian Mike Epps and hilarious Hangover references from Royce, this is a personal favorite on the album.
A Kiss – 9/10 “Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the post office, She’s still a male lady.” Phenomenal lyrics about one-night stands and pretty much dissing pop artists. That Lady Gaga line is going to stir up some controversy!
Lighters (feat. Bruno Mars) – 8.5/10 I had my doubts about this song, but it actually turned out quite nice. Though it will do extremely well as a radio single, it just doesn’t fit with the pure hip-hop the rest of the album provides, but the lyrics are still very inspirational and both artists do well.
Take From Me – 9/10 One of the EPs lyrical strong points, Em and Royce snap back at the fans for illegally downloading music. With a beat and message similar to “25 to Life,” this song has a simple message, STOP STEALING MUSIC AND ACTUALLY BUY CDS.
Loud Noises (feat. Slaughterhouse) – 8.5/10 This is one of the most raw hip-hop tracks on the EP, but personally I don’t enjoy the beat that much, it just seems awkward to me. Still, both Eminem and Slaughterhouse kill it as usual.
Living Proof - 10/10 The very first track that leaked a few months back, this song is a prime example of what Em and Royce can do. With a low-key, rocked based beat, both artists have impeccable flows and even though its a bonus track, is a highlight and a reason to get the deluxe.
Echo - 9/10 With a chorus behind the thumping beat, this is another epic track. A nice catchy chorus and two nice verses, this is another great song that leaked a while back.
Support classic hip-hop and buy this EP.

:.Ninja.: ,


Well definitely the greatest stuff in the world right here. I bought it.

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