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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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1.1K Ratings
I'll Be Here Awhile ,

+44 vs. AVA

Every Blink-182 fan in the world is trying hard to decide who is better, +44 (Mark and Travis' band) or AVA (Tom's band). The truth is that the two are barely comparable, but that's not very helpful if you want to know whether or not it's worth it to buy the whole thing.

I'll start by saying that this was a curiosity buy for me. I had bought We Don't Need to Whisper because I was a huge Blink fan before they broke up and I needed to see how that would compare with Blink's stuff. When this came out I needed to hear it because I needed to see which was better, this or AVA's stuff (I think it's safe to say that Blink-182 is ten times better than both bands). I listened to Tom's album, and it was clear that he should go back to writing his punk rock sprinkled with dirty sex jokes. +44 may have left most of the sex jokes behind, but Mark and Travis stayed true to the original formula of Blink instead of going out on a limb with sucky lyrics and a hell of a lot of melodrama. Also, Mark and Travis didn't take the libery of saying that this was going to be the greatest album in "20 Years" which Tom did along with blowing the entire ordeal out of preportion with his many outrageous claims.

In the end it really comes down to preference. Neither album compares with anything that Blink-182 did, but both are still legitimate music coming from very legitimate musicians. If you liked Blink but didn't enjoy AVA I want to tell you not to disregard this. At least buy Baby Come On and No, It Isn't. I have to say that I may prefer this one, but if you were a big fan of Blink than this is something you have to check out for yourself. My final word, if you're really curious listen to both. You don't have to buy them both, but if you only wanted to buy one I would recommend this.

Joey Urbani ,

Great Album: Fast, Fun, and Insightful

Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, Shane Gallagher, and Craig Fairbaugh have recorded a blink182-esque album without all the sex and fart jokes. Instead for announcing their band as the greatest thing since sliced bread (See Angels and Airwaves, led by Barker's & Hoppus' former bandmate Tom DeLonge) Plus 44 recorded a musically diverse album that does all the talking for them. Tracks like Baby Come On, Cliff Diving, and Lycanthrope will fill you with energy, and Little Death, Weatherman, and Lillian are slower with introspective lyrics. From the beauty of the electro influenced Make You Smile and 155 to the rock of No, It Isn't (Yes it is about DeLonge) and Chapter 13 (Which is by far my favorite track on the album), this stunning album is a sound addition to any iTunes library. BUY IT!

It's On, Señor...¡Go! ,


I got my cd a day early! (I pre-ordered it) and I got to see them live! If you get a chance to see them play with The Matches DO IT! This IS the best album I've heard this year. I mean that! These songs are so emotional. I think Baby Come On was written about me. Mark, Shane, Travis and Graig really did a great job.

Best tracks:

1. Baby, Come On
2. 155
3. Weatherman
4. Interlude
5. No, It Isn't
6. Little Death
7. When Your Heart Stops Beating
8. Chapter Xlll
9. Lycanthrope
10. Lillian
11. Cliffdiving
12. Make you smile

Go buy WYHSB! It's way better than We Don't Need to Listen......I mean We Don't Need to Whisper. I like AVA but Tom kinda changed. I won't get into that though. It's not about who's better though, it's about the music and how it makes you feel.....The album cover comes in 3 colors blue, pink, and green. 5 stars for +44!

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