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SS takes it to the next level


Once again, Sweden's premiere melodic death metallers show how far they can push the boundaries of their respective genre. And they do not disappoint. This track hits every element that they have incorporated into their sound over the course of their career, and then some. If these guys continue to produce music like this, they will be sitting atop the melodic death metal world for years to come.



the idiot saying to get rid of the clean vocals is a moron…this is solid all the way so far blows unseen empire out AND it has a slight feel similar to holographic universe which was the best album in my opinion

About Scar Symmetry

Sweden's Scar Symmetry was founded in 2004 by vocalist Christian Älvestam, guitarists Jonas Kjellgren and Per Nilsson, bassist Kenneth Seil, and drummer Henrik Ohlsson -- all of them veterans of numerous prior heavy metal bands (Carnal Forge, Centinex, Altered Aeon, Incapacity, etc.) -- whose diverse gamut of styles ultimately influenced the new project's own eclectic sound. Presented to the masses via 2005's Symmetric in Design debut album, Scar Symmetry's material combines death and power metal with progressive flourishes, drawing positive comparisons to bands like Soilwork and Into Eternity, and promising great things yet to come. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia


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