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About La Piva dal Carnér

The music and dance traditions of northern Italy are combined with influences of Western Europe's Celtic music by Italian quartet, la Piva Dal Carner (translated: the bagpipe with the bag). One of the rare Italian bands to incorporate the bagpipe, whose traditional role was usurped by the violin in the 17th century, la Piva Dal Carner create a sound that, although rooted in ancient traditions, retains a very modern sensibility. La Piva Dal Carner features Claudio Pesky Caroli (double bass, didgeridoo, piano, and vocals), Marco Mainini (vocals, saxophone, guitar, bagpipe, and clarinet), Walter Rizzo (bagpipe, oboe, flutes, and vocals), and Paulo Simonazzi (hurdy gurdy, two row melodeon, and vocals). ~ Craig Harris

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