15 Songs, 49 Minutes

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5 out of 5

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The Best Alblum!


I bought the first release of this alblum and now bought the 3 new songs and the alternate version of skipping stone and they are all awesome. This band has grown so much and this reissue only shows how great they are. People say they sold out because their music has a more generic sound, I dont think they do. Their sound is different then anybody else out their right now and there lyrics have meaning. Hands down the best alblum!

amazing !!!


Made the album even better.

About Transit

Transit were formed in Boston, Massachusetts by vocalist Joe Boynton, drummer Daniel Frazier, bassist P.J. Jefferson, and guitarists Joseph Lacy and Tim Landers. Originally an emo band, the five-piece recorded 2007's Let It Out EP and its 2008 debut full-length, This Will Not Define Us, for Barrett Records. After a switch to Run for Cover, another two releases followed: 2009's Stay Home EP and 2010's Keep This to Yourself. Lacy left in 2011, to be replaced by Torre Cioffi on guitar, and the group's sound started to bend to match the indie pop trend. That year, they released Something Left Behind, and then moved to Rise Records for 2011's Listen & Forgive and 2013's Young New England. ~ Jason Lymangrover

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