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Definition: Metal


Forget everything you know about J-Rock. Forget everything you know about metal. DELUHI will break it and replace it with their own definition. JAGANNATH is a high-energy, high-skill single. There's something vaguely American in their composition of Living Dead, the dependency on vocals and guitar, while Rebel: Sicks, Shadow: Six screams(and growls) Japanese metal with its pounding drums. Unfortunately, JAGANNATH does not well show off DELUHI's remarkable ability to combine the two, though it does serve as a demonstration of their flexibility of composition. The two tracks, despite their differences, blend into one, amazing single that will leave you wanting more. Definitely a single to purchase, and definitely a band to watch as they enter only their second year in recording.

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Rose of dark,

wait... where is hybrid Truth?
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this Band is the greatest i have heard in a while
i can't wait for them to come here

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