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25 Ratings
Michael Rivera


I have been a real fan of TAB, for quite a few years now, going all the way back to Moment of Truth. However, I must say that I am very disappointed in "Living Proof." The music itself sounds pretty typical for TAB. Nothing too complicated, pretty straight-forward, groovy stuff. Now, let's be honest here...many bands of this genre (coming from a huge fan of the hardcore) can sound very similar at times, and it takes something (guitar tone, lyrics, drumming...etc.) for bands to separate themselves from every other band. I believe that the selling point for TAB has always been Gino's voice. It is deep, raw, and most importantly, powerful. Once one heard, "MISERY LOVES COMPANY!" it was evident that the microphone that he held on stage was merely a formality. The reason that I used a quote from a previous album to illustrate the power of Gino's voice and not one from "Living Proof," is because I feel that that very factor has been lost with this album. On first listen, I actually thought it might have been a different vocalist, simply because I was expecting to get my head blown off (as it had figuratively been in the past). But instead, what I got was a not nearly as powerful, almost static-sounding vocal sound. The "static" sound I'm referring to is just a result of the poor production of the album. Maybe they were going for a trashy sound, but even so, I am not a fan. Go back and listen to any of their previous albums (Eulogy). It is undeniable that the sound of those older recordings has a fuller and more "in your-face" sound than anything to be heard on "Living Proof." This album sounds weak, and cheaply produced (although it was not).
All in all, I am still a fan of TAB. Just highly disappointed in this album, especially the production. I really just hope that I can see them live soon and be proven wrong about Gino's voice losing its bite!


the dude from an obscure signal is in this band now,

the cd sounds more metal than hardcore, it sounds more like hatebreed than terror. but it's still overall good


Thick as Blood, Heavy

I like this band. Real dudes, real heavy.

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