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4.7 out of 5
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67 Ratings
CharlieGüts ,

Artsy Rock

This band has the finesse fellow Interpol lacks. Artsy bass lines, flashy guitars, perfect vocals, and poetic lyrics make this a band to look out for. From their reflective post 9-11 single "Lola Stars and Stripes" to their hopeful lullaby "Yesterday Never Tomorrows," these canucks simply ROCK.

Hugely underrated by the 25+ age group. An epic debut; really sweet stuff.

My Recommendations:
Pitty Sing, The Spinto Band, Metric, Hail Social, Interpol, The Killers and The Bravery.

simX ,

The songs on this album never get boring...

Man, this is one of the first albums I've bought where the majority of the songs are quality ones that don't get boring after a while. Oftentimes when I buy an album, there's really only three or so songs that have staying power in my playlists, but this one has eight.

"Still in Love Song" is a classic, but "Gender Bombs" and "Yesterday Never Tomorrows" are also poignant songs that will stick with you, and "Lola Stars and Stripes", "Love and Death", and "Fevered" have different melodies and tempos from the first three that keep these ones interesting as well. The album is diverse enough that the songs don't sound too much like each other, either.

If you are thinking about getting this album, do so. It's well, well worth it.

Austerity ,

Different from Interpol, NOT better

I'm an avid Interpol fan and have always been open to new forms of rock. If you like experimental guitar based rock I definately recommend checking The Stills out, this album is very good. Just don't listen to the other reviewers on here comparing them to Interpol, Interpol is a very different creature from The Stills. Maybe some guitar tones are similar at times, but composition style is very different... along with the vocals. If I were to compare them to anyone, I would say Bloc Party, due to similar rhythmic approaches. Check'em out, they're worth it!

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