11 Songs, 39 Minutes


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Super awesome!!


Chris Watkins is a very talented singer and songwriter his music is awesome!!!!

speed demond driver

Number one trailer girl

I can not believe what I am hearing these days! I feel as though I just woke up. Now I listen to the words more than before. Like poetry. I hear the message load and clear. conectedly so like a higher power talking to me. I would love to coment on every song but its 4 am and Im a bad speller. oh well just glad to have the chance. Chris does many different style of music. His contry is pretty good.. I love all types of music wich he has the ability to do. I love Heavy metal to jamacan regea to dubstep. even though Im amaze with new album london can take it muy favorate music sound wise is cd going down slow. My favorate song sound wise on that cd is ? Man can remember my cd is in boxs for a move and can find it on sound cloud. Ill come back to it. It reminds me of alice an chains. Heavy slow rock beat. Now that I understand the poetry I will have to listen to them all his cds again. Congrats Dude!!!! Dawn ps nickname taken so had to say number one. lol

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