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Clean Lyrics

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191 Ratings
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Meant for kids

Yes, the beginning is a little ruined, but it was created for those kids w/ overprotective parents who don't want them hearing the full word of B.S. or a reference to sleeping. So if you like squeaky clean, buy this edit. If you're fine with a few words and phrases, I suggest you go get the other one. But it is a good song.

Coo413 ,


I don't see why so many people are complaining about Disney editing the song. If you don't want to hear the edited song then why do you listen to it. There are plenty of other versions out there. Disney changed the song so it could be played on a kids radio station. If you still listen to a kids radio station then the Disney version is good for you since you are still a kid. If you don't want to listen to the clean version then tune in somewhere else and stop whining. This is a great song and should be available to everyone who wants to listen to it.

violet&ruby ,

disney version

#1, most of you need to learn how to spell. #2, I have 2 beautiful girls, ages 6 and 5, and you can call me an overprotective parent. The world is moving much faster than it did when I was young. They like good music, and the beat is what they love. The words, whether good or foul, are secondary. I would prefer my girls enjoy the music without having to listen to your foul mouths. I even enjoy this song myself, which creates a great way to stay connected with my kids!

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