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4.5 out of 5
429 Ratings
429 Ratings
Mr. Shady ,

You Better Lose Yourself In My Review

The first track is reason enough to make this a fabulous CD. It's one of my few favorite songs EVER! Eminem is my favorite artist for countless reasons. Love Me is an OK song, but I'd rather see a better chorus with Eminem singing it. 8 Mile is my other favorite song, all by Eminem. An amazing title track. Adrenaline Rush is nothing special and Edited cuts out a lot. Places To go Is my favorite 50 Cent song except for In Da Club. It’s one of the catchiest songs I’ve listened to. Rap Game is good but it sounds like 50 Cent is singing the chorus, not a member of D12. Also, the Edited version cuts out ¼ of Eminem’s whole verse! 8 Miles and Runnin’ is an awesome song with a great beat. Spit Shine is an OK, average catchy song. I dislike Time Of My Life because I’m not into that type of music. I’d rather see another Hip Hop/Rap song. U Wanna Be Me is only average because there’s no real reason to like it that much. Listen to the clip/preview of the song before you buy it. I’m not a big fan of the song Wanksta personally, but I can see why some people like it. Same thing for Time of My Life in this song, Wastin’ My Time. I still know a Soundtrack should have a couple Non-Rap songs, though. Love it or hate it. R.A.K.I.M has a good beat, but I’m not a big fan of the artist. Once again, listen to the clip/preview. I personally hate That’s My ***** Fo’ Real. Someone out there might like it. Battle has a good beat, but nothing too special. Rabbit Run is awesome and Eminem shows how great his rapping skills are (but I’d rather see a chorus rather than just verses, though).
Now I made a list of the top songs in order:
1.Lose Yourself
2/3. Tie between 8 Mile and Places to Go
4.8 Miles and Runnin’
5.Rabbit Run
If you’re a huge fan of Eminem, I would buy the whole CD. If you don’t mind him, at least buy the Top 3 or 4. If you hate Eminem but like rap, buy the non-Eminem top songs. If you hate all rap, you’re in trouble because the only two Non-Rap songs are Album Only.
I’m a huge fan of Marshall Mathers so I bought the whole album. I loved most of the soundtrack so I rated it 5 stars. The movie is awesome too.
Thankyou for losing yourself in my review!

Yonicman ,

Running a long 8 Miles.

This soundtrack starts out wonderful, obviously, with Eminems hit single Lose Yourself. We all know how that one goes, right? Rolling into that Love Me, which is a collaberation with 50 Cent, Eminem, and Obie Trice. 8 Mile picks the pace back up with a nice, free flowing style. The problem with the rest of the album is next. Despite the fact that Em recruits some of the best artist in rap, the only real songs that come to mind are 50 Cents partying Wangsta, and Ems hard hitting, choures-less song Rabbit Run. While the hits are good, this album just does not run with Eminems other albums.


New Flow - Same Sucesss

This album is where you start to notice a slight change in flow from eminem. Like on LOSE YOURSELF he's not screaming how he's ticked off at the world, he's changing his anger into smooth flow mixed with adrenilin. I think LOSE YOURSELF is Eminem's best song ever. And it is not the only good song on the album. 8 MILE (the song), and RABBIT RUN are two more eminem hits similar to LOSE YOURSELF, and 50 cent's WANKSTA is a huge hit as well. All the songs on the album are good, and listen for those under the radar tracks like LOVE ME.

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