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45 Ratings

Peter knockstead ,

All out of Love? Quite the contrary!

The very first 45 I purchased for my new/used record player was Air Supply's "All Out of Love". At the time, I loved the song so much that I played it to death. Also, this record marked the first of many times where I supported an artist by paying for their music. My next show of support for the music industry was demonstarted by buying Elton John's 45 "Little Jeanie". However, unlike Air Supply, I stuck with Elton through all of the years and his music has made him my all time favorite performer.

So, what happened to my initial love of Air Supply? I am sorry to say that shortly after that 45, I hid my initial love for their music like a shameful secret. It didn't seem cool to listen to them and I never bought another Air Supply record again. That is, however, until today.

Tonight I was watching Kathy Griffin, "My Life on the D List" and she played Air Supply at the end of the show. It got me thinking about re-discovery and coming out of the closest (where I think most of us are when it comes to admitting that we actually love music by Air Supply and say---The Carpenters). Hearing that song and its wonderful harmony reminded me of my first record player, in my childhood bedroom with colonial fife and drum wallpapered repeated throughout in a dizzying display. I felt inspired to check out their music again and after listening to each 10 sec sample on itunes decided to proudly buy the entire album. I am sure glad I did. This album is terrific! More hits than I had remembered and a kind reminder of a gentler time in mine/our life. The best thing is that these songs are now digitally remastered and they sound terrific on my ipod.

So, if these troubling times have got you down, don't be all out of love. Buy the album and be "Lost in Love" You won't regret it!

Beave1988 ,

Air Supply Definitive Album

This album has lots of good songs that I almost forgot about. I like it when they add certain versions yjat you normally son’t get to hear, that’s cool. I hope you pass the word and enjoy.

Canecha ,



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