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Can’t be beat.

Super Pan,

It’s 2:46AM, April 15th 2016, Los Angeles. It’s my birthday today, and I can’t sleep. I decide to peruse iTunes for something that “stands out”. Something I rarely get anymore after 33 years of media gluttony. But low and behold a shining light jumps from my monitor and seers it’s visage in my pupil. John Carpenter’s Lost Themes ll. Once I hit play, it's over. The search for dark synth had finally satiated the hunger that Mitch Murder gives well enough and Perturbator abuses. Every track is a horror filled confectionary that moves my imagination beyond the limits of time and space. Carpenter’s music equals the scope that his movies have delivered for so many years, and I relish in being alive to experience these new worlds that he keeps dreaming. It’s 3:00AM now. Thank’s John for an amazing birthday gift.

The Master is back!


Sit back, close your eyes, and imagine your very own John Carpenter film with these killer tracks! Perfect music to accompany some late-night script writing too.

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