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1.3K Ratings
nathanbohatch ,

Truly Original and Absolutely Amazing!!!

Kerli's debut cd "Love Is Dead" is finally here! You will never listen to music like hers! Her music is so unique and different but it is a refreshing sound. Each song here showcases her talent and originality. She is from the small country of Estonia, but that doesn't mean her music is limited. This is truly original music. It is also avaliable for a low price! If you don't believe that she is amazing, just listen to "Walking On Air" and try to get it out of your head after.

This cd definitely deserves to be in your collection!! :)

Trevor Reichle ,

Love may be dead, but talent is not.

On Kerli's debut record 'Love Is Dead', it's easy to say that right off the bat, she is making a bold statement about life in general. However, the album is anything but the emo title it is given. While a better track to open the album could have been selected, the title track is a big rock ballad with an outro that keeps building and building the energy, then comes to a crashing end, crediting Kerli with the ability to make a great rock song. The album's best track and main single, "Walking On Air", is pop perfection in every way; complete with a 'creepy' [as she says so many times] hook and very well-written lyrics. Other standouts include "The Creationist", which is something of a rock version of Gwen Stefani's "The Sweet Escape" in the chorus; the Megan McCauley-esque hevy rocker ballad "Bullet Proof" [which shows Kerli at her most vulnerable]; and the club-rock inspired dance track "Strange Boy". The latter track, however, is the only point on the entire record where Kerli seems slightly out of her element, but it still feels so right. So whether she's singing songs about how every day is beautiful [something we should all keep in mind], or quoting Paris Hilton in negative fashion on "I Want Nothing", everything about this album screams "hot mess" but at the same time, "what the music industry needs." You decide.

AlexKristin ,

Talent Is Alive

This is like jumping into an icy cold pool on a hot day, refreshing, if you will. I never skipped one track while listening to this album. So different from the cookie cutter music that plagues the charts these days. Love Is Dead starts out strong with the title track. Beautiful electrical beats and sounds carry this track flowing smoothly with the lyrics. "All that you had has become unreal, collapsing and aching." Walking On Air comes next with an almost Tim Burton like feel and if the song doesn't the video surely does. The song is addictive and catchy you'll feel pulled into the story of the creepy little girl. "There's a little creepy house in a little creepy place." The Creationist comes next starting with a pretty delicate beat. "This is an old and funny poem, I accidently overheard." I Want Nothing follows with a harder feel to it. While Kerli sings you get the feeling she's angry. "Conscience it cuts like a knife, when will you start to realize, we don’t have time on our side." Up Up Up isn't the happy inspiring song you might think. A bit strange but then again all of this CD is. "Congratulations, false expectations, wrong destination, and realization." Bulletproof is darker than the preceding track. It moves slowly along until the chorus where it picks up a bit. "Staring into space leaves me feeling frozen." Beautiful Day comes up now, definitely the brightest of the songs on the CD. Very catching. "There's no need to be afraid." Creepshow kicks in next an after the last track it leaves you feeling high. Starting out with "lalalalala's” Very energetic it moves to the singing which doesn't slow down. Later she starts chanting in her native language. "Ice Cream Mountains and chocolate skies." Hurt Me is an aggressive victim song. The real magic happens when the chorus kicks in. “You hate my face, my sweet embrace." Don’t worry your CD isn't skipping it's just the melancholy beat of Butterfly Cry. I very beautiful song about letting go of pain and rising above it. "
Taste the air you breathe and kiss the sky, goodbye." Strange Boy follows a fun crazy song. Without much meaning the song is catchy and dance friendly. "Strange boy, innocent, Strange Boy, magnificent." Fragile sobers up the mood. Another beautiful song. "You like the way I'm strong and stand by you." Heal is the bonus track and is very strange and all over the place. But still good, which is the beauty of Kerli. I highly suggest you download the whole album. You won't regret it.

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