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Funny, Sexy, Sophisticated!

Ahren Potratz,

If you've ever had the pleasure of seeing Johnny live, than this is an amazing gift! This album is a funky journey and a delicious midnight dessert!

By nature I'm wary of studio albums that come out from bands that have such an incredible stage presence and persona. I'm always left a little disappointed because the energy and surprise that I love from a live show is difficult to capture in a produced package.

Not this time.

Johnny and the silky tight Sons of Thunder are on point and background vocals from The Truth (all the women you'll ever need) make you wanna jump in the fray and grind a bit!

If you've seen 'em live...don't even hesitate! Buy!
If you're discovering this great group for the first time...download Baby Come Over and you'll never turn back!

The message works

Dang Ho,

Seeing Johnny Showcase live will definitely put some peep in your step- with that said, you could understand why I am excited about the release of his new album. And be warned, some of these songs will make your lady melt.

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