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Mars is shattering molds again


Mars was never a band for adhering to rules or doing what was expected. On the contrary, they create their own standards and then proceed to blow those out of the water with their very next step. Jared's voice just keeps getting more powerful and emotional. I love the intense drum beats from Shannon. Lastly the face-melting guitar from Tomo make this band so incredibly fun to listen to. Their maturity as a band is shown in their evolution of sound and the quality of performance. Up In the Air does not adhere to any one genre, much like Welcome to the Universe, A Beautiful Lie or This is War. We love these albums and they hold a special place in the history of Mars and of music; but, expect the unexpected from Mars, and you will never be dissapointed. Love Lust Faith + Dreams will be a whole new territory. "I'll wrap my hands so tight around your neck... with love, love."

A bold move into a new world

Crows Of A Feather,

Mars has taken leaps and bounds with their sound with this explosive new sing. Hate on a new direction all you want, but I dare you not to fall in love with this new single.

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