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A Time Warp...


If you weren't of the era, this album will probably baffle you, but I remember pouncing on one of the few 12" copies of "Love Rush" I could find in Toronto and spinning it for days. Heck, I even taped it onto a cassette and listened in the car! Great memories! Great music...well, maybe not so much...but glad to see iTunes branching out and digging up some gems.

Ann-Margret has 2 huge talents, neither of which is singing, but...


This is one of the HOTTEST disco albums of all-time! So what if Ann-Margret can NOT sing? Who cares? This is one HOT album! I remember dancing to "Love Rush" at a leather bar in 1980-something, and thought at the time that I was hallucinating because 1. Why were people dancing in a leather bar?; and 2. Why was a DJ playing "Love Rush" in a club in the first place? Anyway, Ann-Margret is the BEST! She's so hot, she doesn't have to sing!

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