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A magnificent return to form


For Lana's long-time fans, we've seen her evolve and shift from a pouty suburban vixen on Born to Die, to a nomadic lady of the night on Paradise, to a sulky inner city dream-girl on Ultraviolence, to a distant enlightened escapist on Honeymoon.

"Love", her first single in over a year, echoes back to one of the most exciting moments in her career as Lana Del Rey; The first. A more polished, refined, and glossy first.

As if someone had left their little hometown, built a successful life for themselves and returned triumphantly for a glimpse of their former life. Only to find the quaint world they once knew, was now unrecognizable.

It's familiar, but with a sense of maturity and direction I feel her first album lacked in certain areas. Similar, but with a greater dose of the cinematic beauty we've come to expect from her records.

As a lover of music, I am very pleased. As a Lana fan, I am very proud.

Bravo, Miss Del Rey.



I can't believe they discovered new bible verses in 2017

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