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About I4NI

A country-rap collective born from the ashes of C.W.B. (Crazy White Boys), I4NI cultivated a dedicated fan following in the 2010s through a steady stream of releases. I4NI didn't limit themselves to traditional album release cycles. Following their 2013 debut Team Strong, they collaborated with similarly minded musicians — including the Lacs, Moonshine Bandits, and Bubba Sparxx — and issued plenty of YouTube videos as well, building up their fan base with each new single and video.

The two core members of I4NI, Stump (born Robbie Phillips) and D-Ray (born David Stevens), first met while they were growing up in east Nashville. They wound up forming C.W.B. (Crazy White Boys) with Lexx Luger and Stone in 2006, but the group disbanded after one eponymous album on Paid in Full/Koch. Stump and D-Ray carried on as I4NI, working with C.W.B. friend Bubba Sparxxx on their initial demo.

Stump and D-Ray conceived I4NI as a collective in the vein of Wu-Tang Clan, where artists can come and go as they please. The main members were this original pair plus Jon Conner, the producer behind Big Smo's hick-hop classic Kuntry Livin'. With Conner aboard, I4NI wound up functioning as a production unit in addition to a performing team; inspired by their success in this field, they also pursued a video production company called Dammit Boy Entertainment.

Following the 2013 release of their debut album Team Strong, I4NI began working with a live band on-stage, which helped emphasize their rock influences. A mini-album called Muscle Car arrived in 2016. The group signed with Thirteen Skulls Entertainment in 2017 and began releasing singles from their album No Sleep early in 2018.