9 Songs, 57 Minutes


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5 out of 5

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27 Ratings



I've been a fan since the first note off their debut album and gotta say I'm loving this one. Such gifted musicians that know how to write catchy yet progressive songs with beautiful melodies. Not an easy thing to do. Thanks guys for the sweat,blood,and tears and the hard work you put into this piece of art. My ears and soul appreciate it.



This album sounds A LOT like "Damnation/Watershed" era, progressive Opeth, which was a great, beautiful sound. This is what modern Opeth would sound like without all the prog JAZZ nonsense that, in my opinion, ruined their music. There is some occasional Tool influence mixed in for for good measure, but not as heavily as on past album like "Cognitive." This band has always borrowed from both bands, which is fine with me. It's great music. Tool hasn't released anything in forever, and Opeth has become too jazz oriented for my tastes, so this band fills a void for me. What you are left with are lush guitars, catchy hooks, beautiful vocals, memorable choruses, and some good lyrics. This is great, well written, well executed music.



I have not heard any good rock albums in a while this one right here yes now this is rock none of that cross mixing two genres cause it is terrible when they do that. Kudos to them

About Soen

Comprised of former members of Death, Opeth, and Willowtree, Soen is something of a prog-metal supergroup. Bassist Steve DiGiorgio (Sadus, Testament, Death), drummer Martin Lopez (Opeth), vocalist Joel Ekelof (Willowtree), and guitarist Kim Platbarzdis formed Soen in 2010. By the end of the year, they'd posted their first song via their website, but their first full-length album, Cognitive, didn't arrive until 2012. Two years later, they delivered Tellurian, which featured two new bassists -- Stefan Stenberg and Christian Andolf. Stenberg became the group's full-time bassist, but they lost guitarist Joakim Platbarzdis; he was replaced by Marcus Jidell. This lineup is featured on 2017's Lykaia. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine




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