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Dawn Jawnson,

I can't get over what a striking resemblance the drummer and the singer have. Come to think of it, they both look a lot like the bass player and the guitarist, as well. Coincidence or the solo panderings of a single creative genius? Assume the latter. This is definitely one of the best self-produced, self-mixed, self-recorded and self-played albums I've ever experienced. Maybe no man is an island, but this is undoubtedly a mountain of one-man-band. Maduro treats the listener to lyrical poetic justice, a dish best served with multi-layered guitar riffs and crashing drums. Oh yeah. Ben also makes a helluva cup of coffee, as well.

If you love incubus Get this->


A great album, love the music. I can't get enough of this cd right now. Its been playing for a couple days straight right now

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