5 Songs, 25 Minutes


About Body Electric

The group Body Electric consisted of keyboardist Frank Ludwig, guitarist David Sinclair, keyboardist and saxophonist Bob Buckley, and drummer Ross Friesen. Most of the guys took turns as songwriters and at standing in as lead vocalist. These members brought an impressive assortment of experience with them to the rock group. Ludwig had severed time as part of bands like Union and Trooper, recording at least one album during that time. Sinclair and Buckley had worked together as a duo in Dogstar and then later in Straight Lines. The talented pair made two albums together, had a number of hits, and even landed a nomination for a Juno award. As Body Electric, between 1984 and 1987, the band finished about four singles and almost that many albums.

Body Electric formed around 1983. In a year's time, the group signed with the Attic Records label. The guys quickly released a debut single, "Stop the Music," and then a self-titled album. The reviews that followed weren't very commendable. Members of Body Electric played a form of musical chairs, changing the lead singer for the group more than once. In 1985, there were two more singles and a sophomore album, Two Worlds. Tours didn't help the growth of a fan base, and things slowed even more by 1986. Only one single hit the market that year. It was released under the Parallel One Records label, since Attic had already stepped out. In 1987 the band managed a last full-length offering, Walking Through Walls. Though that last album was probably Body Electric's best work, it was too little too late to save the floundering group. ~ Charlotte Dillon