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110 Ratings

Not timeless, but noteworthy in it's domain

Shamus McShamus

Truly, this music is some of the worst to ever have existed. The Jets are a prime example of the kind of music people talk about when they say "Music from the eighties sucked." But the sole reason that I just can't bring myself to give this "greatest" hits collection one star, is the fact that they achieved their goal of being hitmakers. They were famous, celebrities. They got kids dancin' to their music. Much like the other creative-free acts that topped, or rather plauged the top 20 for one or two years, fame came and went. They scored platinum and gold albums, but simply didn't have enough talent to survive. Their audience either grew up and/or wised up, and ditched The Jets' albums in a hurry. However, if any historian is bored enough to go back in time and look at the masters of synth/dance/urban/horrible music, The Jets will surely not be passed up. As for the album, well, let's just say it's strictly for fans.



Okay, granted, it's THE JETS..but i loved there music back in the eighties! Its fun, and definitly remember my first slow dance with "You Got It All"!! If u are like me and love listening to 80's..this album is awesome! Don't hesitate! Get it!

The Jets


This was all of that and more songs I forgot that they did..This will bring back memories for any 80's pop maniac

About The Jets

Eighties teenyboppers the Jets came from an extremely large family (17 children overall) and were comprised of eight of the family's brothers and sisters -- Leroy, Eddie, Eugene, Haini, Rudy, Kathi, Elizabeth, and Moana Wolfgramm (their parents originally emigrated to the U.S. from the South Pacific nation of Tonga, in 1965, but their offspring were raised in Minneapolis). From 1986 though 1989, the Jets enjoyed several dance-pop hits (tops being "Crush on You" and "You Got It All"), as well as several full-length albums, two of which (their 1986 self-titled debut and 1987's Magic) obtained gold and/or platinum certification. But like all past bubblegum acts, the Jets' shelf life proved to be fleeting, as the hits dried up shortly thereafter (the first member to leave the group was Eugene, who split in 1988 to form Boys Club with Joe Pasquale, going by the name Gene Hunt). Although little was heard from the Jets during the early '90s, most of the group had re-formed by the latter part of the decade as a more gospel-oriented outfit, issuing such albums as 1997's Love Will Lead the Way. By the dawn of the 21st century, the other brothers and sisters of the family who were too young to join in on the fun during the '80s had formed their own group, imaginatively called...the Jetts. ~ Greg Prato & Steve Huey





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