10 Songs, 32 Minutes


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3.8 out of 5

13 Ratings

13 Ratings

pretty good


This album is a pretty good mix of styles of music. In particular, i like number 3 (invite me to your next dream), because of the lyrics,

LOVE this record...


Found this great review from ENIGMA (ent. news): Jag Star has put together a neat collection of ambient pop tunes that can be appreciated by a wide range audience...This album has a dreamy quality. The layers are just separated enough to evoke a mood of atmospheric euphoria....Heroine Sarah Lewis can talk to the kids as well as the 30-somethings...Musicianship is superb. Lots of instruments mixed in with a fair amount of electronica. The digital nature of the production is well executed. Choruses creep up like they should and all the spikes are controlled effectively and honestly.... This package is better than ones cooked up by major record labels.



The unifying force of this album is the voice of frontwoman Sarah Lewis, a singer who can handle both the intimate whispery moments and the lungs-of-steel notes with equal aplomb. "Space" soars in that ethereal world between pop, techno and rock- and does so in a way that should appeal to fans of all three genres...Throughout every track, Jag Star and its production hits all the right notes in creating the proper atmosphere for the song in question whether it be the thumping electronic rhythm of "This House" or the ska sounding "Call Me Crazy". The album closes with the simple piano and vocal number, "Along For the Ride" which is a perfect soundtrack song waiting for the right movie. (This CD) is a progression from their solid base to something more substantial and lasting. -- J. Eason, The Mountain Times News.

About Jag Star

Formed in the Knoxville, TN, summer heat of 1998, Jag Star is a rock group that consisted of electric and acoustic guitarist J. Robert Lewis, bassist Kenner Rawdon, violinist Erin Tipton, drummer Rafael Harris, and Sarah Lewis, who plays piano, mandolin, and servers as lead vocalist. She also happens to be J. Robert's wife. Jag Star has performed at clubs and fairs throughout the South, and began to earn a name for itself by competing in talent searches and battle-of-the-band type contests. In 2000 the band released its first album, appropriately titled The Beginning. Some of the eclectic rock- and pop-flavored tracks on the impressive recording are "Fade Away," "Better Girl," and "Gone Again." Shortly after the debut was completed, drummer Seamus Tierney, who has worked with artists like Letters to Cleo and Jewel, replaced Harris in the band's lineup. ~ Charlotte Dillon



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