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Make My Life A Little Bit Brighter


Great Canadian band fromthe 1970's, "Make My Life A Little Bit Brighter" was a hit in 1973 on Canada's Powerhouse Radio Station CKLW. It hit # 27 that year. There are four more singles by Chester on this album and a few solo singles as well. Great to hear these Canadian artists, hope that Itunes finds more of these great gems in the future.

About Chester

After being together only seven months, Chester's single "Make My Life a Little Bit Brighter" became a hit in their native Canada in mid-1973. Guitarist Mike Argue left for a solo career just one year later, leaving vocalist Jim Mancell, Wedge Monroe (drums, piano, guitar) and Glen Morrow (keyboards, guitar, vocals). They broke up two years after that, but Morrow chose Fran Cheslo to sing for a new version of Chester. ~ John Bush



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