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4.1 out of 5

90 Ratings

90 Ratings

still getting


Personally the screams could be better but i understand that from a lot of touring could do damage to the vocal cords,but still.. Still a good album :) EDM and Clean vocals are really good though!

not terrible


I've already listened to the album and its not as bad as Reefer Madness was. The clean vocals dont sound like their wicked autotuned anymore and the screams sound a lot better than they did in Reefer Madness. Not a big fan of their single but I love this album!



Honestly, I don't understand what people hate about the new AAS. In my opinion this is their best stuff yet next to Geeving. It's the perfect mix of their metal roots and their electronic sounds. I've listened to this whole album and I can say I don't hate one song on it. This band has definately moved up my list of top bands and I've been a fan since the start when Take One Last Breath first came out. Something about them will always be different and exciting that other bands don't have, even if they evolve and change their screams a little, which by the way are good in my opinion because they're real. All in all, good job AAS. You've made me make my first comment on itunes. Keep it up.

About Abandon All Ships

Formed in Toronto in 2006, Canadian metalcore band Abandon All Ships combine elements of electronic music and post-hardcore and technical metal into a strangely triumphant hybrid. Consisting of Angelo Aita (vocals), Martin Broda (vocals/bass), Sebastian Cassisi-Nunez (keys/programming), Kyler Stephen Browne (guitar), Andrew Paiano (guitar), and Daniel Paiano (drums), the group originally formed to play Norma Jean covers, but the bandmembers soon branched out and began writing their own music. They eventually merged dance-pop and metal together, creating a heavily programmed sound weaving between pulsing dance grooves and Auto-Tuned vocals and anguished, breakdown-heavy metalcore. The band released its first album, a self-titled EP, in 2009, and would later get a boost in popularity after appearing on Canadian music channel MuchMusic’s show Disband. In 2010, Abandon All Ships made their full-length debut on Universal Music Canada with Geeving. ~ Gregory Heaney

Toronto, Ontario, Canada




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