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After the strangely inconspicuous demise which befell his early-'90s death metal outfit, Cadaver, and a short stint with obscure techno-ambient experimentalists Apoptygma Berzerk, guitarist Anders Odden spent much of the following decade working behind the scenes of Norway's burgeoning black metal community as an occasional guest musician and producer. But by the year 2000, Odden felt inspired enough to return to the spotlight, founding Cadaver Inc. with vocalist Ole Jørgen Moe, bassist L.J. Balvaz, and drummer Carl-Michael Eide. Keeping in mind his former group's technical death metal past, the new group forged a modern black metal amalgam verging on industrial metal for their acclaimed 2001 debut, Discipline. Perhaps even more impressive (and utterly at odds with the vicious hatred spewing from their songs) was the band's knack for humorous self-promotion: Their home page was built to resemble a real-life business website, offering professional services to eliminate undesirable corpses and complete with specific details like an 800 number and contact address coincidentally identical to that of the Norwegian Parliament. Needless to say, their clever marketing tool was to be short-lived once the Norwegian government caught wind of it, but by then, Cadaver Inc.'s reputation as anti-establishment darlings du jour had been lustily embraced by the extreme metal masses. Extensive touring also helped their cause, and after performing at the Milwaukee Metal Fest, the group returned home to begin work on their sophomore album. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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