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About Porn Theatre Ushers

Influenced by production denizens DJ Premier and Large Professor as well as funky offbeat lyricists such as Ultramagnetic MC's, De La Soul, and Organized Konfusion, the white duo Porn Theatre Ushers exploded out of the vibrant late-1990s Boston underground hip-hop scene passionate about the music but disappointed in its growing lack of humor. With that in mind, they set out to bring the fun back to rap music, marrying wittily irreverent and clever lyrics with idiosyncratic, frequently whimsical production.

Nabo Rawk and Mister Jason first met in 1997 when fellow Boston rapper Esoteric introduced the two. Both were already involved in the local scene, but as it so happened, Nabo was looking for a DJ and Mister Jason for someone to produce for. They immediately struck up a friendship, and soon thereafter a partnership. Their break came the following year when Nabo Rawk tied for first in the Biscuithead Battle, a freestyle event, and DJ Bruno offered to put out a 12" single on his Biscuithead Recordings, a fledgling local label. Over the next couple years, the duo released singles like "Me & Him" and "My Imagination" to underground acclaim and created a small buzz in the rap community, while Mister Jason became an in-demand producer for other local MCs as well. The duo finally released their first definitive statement in 2000 with the nearly LP-length EP Sloppy Seconds, which included their earlier singles and collaborations with Cage and K-No Supreme as well as new recordings. ~ Stanton Swihart



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