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countrymusik19 ,

the best album I've heard in a long time

I heard of Doc Walker through a friend who is from Winnepeg (the same city as the band), who said that I have to check them out. He was right - the band is amazing! Every song on this album is worth listening to over and over again. The band's sound is not limited to a single style, but rather each song is an individual effort that illustrates the diversity of the band. My two favourite songs are "My Life" (which is my philosophy of life set to music, thank you Doc Walker!) and "Driving with the Brakes On" (the bridge is spectacular), but every song is wonderful. "Maria" begins the album in joyous fashion, and the rebellious "Your Mama Don't Know" concludes it. "Trying to Get Back to You" is a song about lost love, and "What Do You See" examines the potential love between two people. "That Train" explores why people do things they know will bring heartache and pain, while "I'm Just Gone" is about severing a hurtful relationship. "Keri" has amazing overlapping vocals that define the song, and "She's My Remedy" outlines the soothing qualities of the one he loves. "Comes a Time" and "This is My Life" have similar sounds, but the former has nice lyrics and the latter a tremendous melodic background. If you're looking for an album with unbelievable guitar lines, thoughtful lyrics, and the voice of a friend, look no further than Doc Walker.

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