10 Songs, 36 Minutes


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As a fan of Steely Dan this was one albums I picked and listen to because Donald Fagen was one of the producers on it. The second I heard it--loved it. Every song was perfect. This Brooklyn kid made Brookyn the place to be and spots in Santa Monica and Malibu, CA to hang. Loved his vocals.


great album

still listening to this album 35 years after i bought it...A FEEL GOOD RECORD !!!!

smooth 70's

smooth sounds and mellow grooves

This album is a secret gem. I stumbled on to it via other similar music, namely Robbie Dupree Walk on Water. This is as good if not better than Commodores, Earth Wind & Fire, Doobie Brothers, Robbie Dupree, Kenny Loggins, Hall & Oats, Boz Scaggs, Stephen Bishop, Andrew Gold and not to mention Jason Mraz, James Morrison, and Micah Dalton just to name a few. This should have been at least a Gold seller and 2-4 top 40's.

About Marc Jordan

Originally a film student, Marc Jordan dropped out of Canada's Brock University in 1970 to pursue a music career. He played with a band for a short time, returned to school, but then left for good to travel outside Canada. Upon getting back to Toronto, Jordan was signed by a publisher to a recording, publishing and management contract. After a song-saga double album, Cantata Canada and a tribute album to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Warner Bros. signed him and released his 1978 debut Mannequin. Jordan released Blue Desert in 1979, Talking Through Pictures in 1987 and Reckless Valentine in 1993. Cool Jam Black Earth was released in 1996 and Live: Now & Then followed in 1999. ~ John Bush

Brooklyn, NY



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