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Customer Reviews

Excellent performances

DCD Records,

Martin Perry couples two works that complement each other. One's very well-known, the other deserves to be.

The well-known work is Paul Hindemith's Ludus Tonalis. This 1942 masterwork is a summation of Hindemith's mature style. Its frequent comparisons to Bach's "Art of the Fugue" are valid.

Counterpoint is at the heart of both works. The Praeludium of the Ludus Tonalis returns as the Postludium at the end -- turned upside down and played backward.

The Ludus Tonalis a major work for piano, as well as being an imporatant part of Hindemith's catalog.

The not-so-familiar work is Hugo Weisgall's piano sonata.

Hugo Weisgall is best known for his vocal music and operas. His piano sonata, completed in 1982 is also a summation of a composer's style. In this case, the 70-year old Weisgall faithfully followed the classical sonata form.

Weisgall's work is post-tonal, but not atonal. There are clear destinations to the lines, despite their highly chromatic inflections. Weisgall also keeps his rhythmic pulse fluid, mixing even and odd-metered bars. And yet, the end result is a work that doesn't really sound all that radical -- just like Hindemith's.

Martin Perry plays with a sure confident tone. His use of legato is especially effective in Weisgall's Sonata. It effectively brings out the structure of the work. His playing of Hindemith is also first-rate. Each line of counterpoint is clearly delineated, making it easy to follow.

About Martin Perry

Martin Perry is an American pianist who, while well-versed in many genres, has established himself as a specialist in modernist music. Raised in Sacramento, California, Perry studied piano with Patricia Taylor Lee, Thomas Schumacher, and Adele Marcus (a pupil of Russian pianist Josef Lhévinne), and attended the University of Maryland and Juilliard. Following a debut recital at Carnegie Hall, Perry toured the United States. He has performed with the Boston Pops, the Portland Symphony Orchestra, the Arkansas Symphony, the Florida Philharmonic, the Baltic Philharmonic, and the Moscow Philharmonic. He has performed chamber music with the Cassatt Quartet and the DaPonte Quartet and is a member of the Nordica Trio. His wide repertoire includes early Romantic works by Mendelssohn, Chopin, and Schumann, which he performs on fortepiano, and he devotes much of his time promoting the 20th century works of Charles Ives, Alan Hovhaness, and Charles Tomlinson Griffes. He has recorded solo piano music for Bridge, and writes a blog on music, Con Spirito.

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