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4.3 out of 5
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319 Ratings
5n4k3 ,

we want ashley!

this is by far the best musical i have ever seen! the soundtrack is fantastic, but although the london cast is practically perfect, the broadway cast is PERFECT! when are they going to make a broadway recording?
1. a good beginning for the musical and the soundtrack
2. sets the scene very nicely and gives you a sense of what kind of people the characters are
3. very cute. was in the movie too
4. see #2
5. a wonderful song! this song captures the REAL mary poppins, the one from the book. i'd bet that this will become another classic like a spoonful of sugar.
6. i like what they did to this scene. obviously, they didn't have animation, but they did still manage to slip a penguin in there! did anyone see it? anyways, the song is still great.
7. in this song, we hear three sets of people who are all thinking of their own lives. being mrs. banks reveals a different side of her that will show up more often in the musical than it did in the movie.
8. a classic
9. another classic, but now it's a duet with the bird woman and mary. believe it or not, it's better than before.
10. yet another classic, but now it takes place in a candy shop much like the book, and they have a wonderful dance to go with it. they even spell out supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! lots of fun!
11. this was great! similar to the book again, but they changed it to make both children be in the scene instead of just jane. there is lots of dialogue in this song, but it's still great nonetheless.
12. classic song. it's a great duet with mary and bert. we get to see how they feel about each other.
13. exciting lead in to the second act
14. i love this song! it's great and you see what mr. bank's nanny is like. horribly exciting!
15. the classic song at the end of the movie. now the park keeper sing with bert and the kids and it's shorter, but when mary returns, what else matters?
16. this is a moving song with mr and mrs banks both horrified by the appearance of ms. andrew.
17. LOVE IT! this might just be my favorite song in the musical...well, maybe. mary confronts ms andrew and is mercilessly harassing the evil nanny. she finally...well, i won't say if you haven't seen it, but it's great.
18. a classic with a dance. the dance in the movie could have been assisted with cables and other stuff, but the guys in the musical have no such thing (except for bert) the dance might even be better than the movie. wonderful stuff!
19. this is where we witness the change in mr banks. bert is great!
20. the most thought provoking and moving song in the musical. if everyone heard this song, the world would be a different place.
21. good-bye, mary! we love you! a great finale.

it is definitely worthwhile to buy the whole list. however, i would want to wait until the broadway cast recording comes out. the amazing ashley brown (mary) was not in the london cast, although gavin lee (bert) was in both...also, some of the other cast members are slightly better suited to their parts in the broadway cast. trust me, i would know. i've listened to the london recording over 30 times and watched the broadway musical a few times. if you don't believe me, go to the mary poppins website and watch the opening night broadway clip. compare the two mary's voices, and you'll believe me. broadway rocks!

Lmess330 ,

Where's ASHLEY BROWN??!!!!!

Okay- so I bought this album in New York right after seeing the show(AMAZING) not reading that it was the London cast. I still love this album but I have a special place in my heart for Ashley's voice and portrayal of MP. They MUST make a Broadway cast recording!!! WE NEED A PETITION.

rlkj ,

what the heck?

so this is basically an amazing musical and i was lucky to see it...

but i have to wonder 2 things

1. why isnt there the edition with ashley brown in nyc
2. and why wasnt ashley brown nominated for the best leading actress tony?!?

...she totally deserved it

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