12 Songs, 36 Minutes


The post-hardcore band's first LP in 15 years.


The post-hardcore band's first LP in 15 years.


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4.2 out of 5
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68 Ratings


I desperately wanted to love this record. Unfortunately it feels like glassjaw is impersonating glassjaw. It also doesn't have any decent choruses, which was disappointing. I suppose this is what happens when you aren't really a band but a nostalgic thing that people love so you throw together an album just because? I don't know. Bummer.


Kind of disappointed

Lifelong fan since kiss kiss bang bang . This is By far the weakest GJ record . Pre ordered this obviously. I will see if it grows on me. On the 4th round of listening right now and my opinion still hasn’t changed. Oh well boys everybody gets one. Everything up to this record has been nothing short of amazing and timeless . Wish Daryl screamed more, vocals need to be louder. Background noise is overkill on some songs. Just doesn’t have that classic GJ sound I was hoping for . Guitar and bass are Fire!


What is this?

Horrible, disorganized and chaotic in the worst way. No rhythm or harmony, just noise, but not the kind you’re accustomed to hearing from the likes of previous GJ records. Avoid this.

About Glassjaw

Long Island, New York progressive hardcore band Glassjaw was formed by singer Daryl Palumbo and guitarist Justin Beck in 1994, longtime friends who began collaborating as teens. Roster changes regularly plagued the influential group during its formative years, with guitarist Todd N. Weinstock, bassist Manuel Carrero, and drummer Sammy Siegler completing the lineup for Glassjaw's 2000 debut album, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence. Siegler was replaced by ex-Orange 9MM drummer Larry Gorman for the band's summer tour in support of the Deftones. Carrero was also replaced by Dave Allen. Two years later, Glassjaw inked a deal with Warner Bros. and issued Worship and Tribute in July 2002. The band slowly became less and less active, seeing more membership changes in late 2004 when Weinstock left to pursue his own band, the retro-dance outfit Men, Women and Children, and Manuel Carrero rejoined in place of a departed Allen. Singer Daryl Palumbo's side project, Head Automatica, also took Gorman away, Durijah Lang coming on in his place. After a two-year hiatus, Glassjaw played a handful of shows in 2005 and released an EP of B-sides, El Mark. They continued touring and recording, issuing two more EPs in 2011, Our Color Green (The Singles) and Coloring Book. However, a proper album would not arrive until 2017, 15 years after 2002's Worship and Tribute. Material Control (Century Media), Glassjaw's third LP, was released in December, featuring original members Palumbo and Beck, as well as drummer Billy Rymer and contributing musicians Chad Hasty, George Reynolds, and Ariel Telford. ~ Jason Ankeny & Neil Z. Yeung

Long Island, NY